Friday, 4 March 2011

Beware of LM-Spares aka RPM (Raw Power Motorcycles), Hereford

My experience of this company was bad right from the start. I'm posting this to warn other potential customers by describing the experience I had so that you might avoid the time-wasting hassle I went through.

It took them three weeks to deliver my order - a leather jacket. It arrived and wasn't what I ordered. I explained this to their manager and asked for a refund. I got the runaround and eventually no reply.

100% Guarantee
LM Spares so-called 100% Money Back Guarantee is, I discovered, not worth the time it took to type it out. It simply reads "WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION". You'd think being sent the wrong item would mean a straightforward apology and a refund, wouldn't you? Instead, the manager, Matt, flatly refused to refund me, dodging phonecalls, emails and generally making life as difficult as possible in order to hold on to some cash, which seems like a pretty desperate thing to do for any business.

So what about this guarantee of satisfaction? I was offered a 'credit note' or the chance to keep the jacket that didn't resemble what I'd ordered!

This is their Youtube advertisement:

Their Ebay shop:

Judging by their Ebay user comments, LM Spares have attracted thirteen negative comments and thirty-nine neutral ones in the last twelve months:

Trading Standards
After being advised by Trading Standards that LM Spares were in breach of the Sale of Goods Act, they told me to write them a formal letter followed by court action if I got no satisfactory answer. When I got no answer whatsoever I decided to approach Paypal before going to the small claims court.

Paypal heard both sides of the story and when I sent them photos of the item advertised on his website to compare with photos of what I was sent, they found in my favour. I'm still waiting on my return courier charges being refunded but at least I now have the purchase price refunded, albeit almost two months after it all started.

If this company had done the right thing right from the start then I would have had no problem with them. I may even have shopped with them again. What traders like this don't realise is that customers - especially motorcyclists - talk widely about their experiences of motorcycle shops and traders. If we come across a bad one, we spread the word. If we come across someone doing business in a decent way, they get promoted and recommended. It happens in casual conversation, on online forums and even sites like Facebook. It means that honest businesses get more business, whilst rogues traders like LM Spares get what they deserve.

All I can say is that I will avoid them like the plague from now on and make sure others know what they're dealing with. If you're willing to take the risk of wasting your time and money with LM Spares then good luck. You may be one of the lucky ones.

If you're unfortunate enough to be taken by this company please report them to Paypal, Ebay, Trading Standards and your credit card company. If Matt of LM Spares is that desperate for other people's money that he's willing to cause them grief and a lot of wasted time then customers have the right to know about it before they buy anything.

LM Spares/ RPM Web Promise:
"Raw Power Motorcycles are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us using the link on the store page."

Raw Power Motorcycles
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